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How much do you know about Island Red Cafe? Read the story here.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

On their website, Island Red Cafe claim they have the best coffee. They also mentioned create a new spirit of coffee culture, with royal quality and ambitious dream. Now to an ordinary person, they will go what the hell is island red cafe trying to say? That basically sums up Island Red Cafe, a scam where they make it so nice but empty inside.

On their website, it also claims that all coffee is roasted fresh, and meets the demands of customers with wholesome nutrition value. Now this again is lying, neither do Island Red Cafe meets the demand of customer (ask any 10 random non member about the quality of Island red cafe) nor it has wholesome nutrition value in their coffee. This is a joke man! As a coffee lover, I know it takes time to roast fresh coffee and doing a business, you can’t roast coffee while customers are waiting. Do not lie, no wonder they put only photos of young kids to cheat customers.

Enough talking bad about Island Red Cafe , let us look at the bright side of their business. So far they are opening everywhere and providing jobs to locals which are a good thing. Now do you know how they do their training? They hire kids after school to be their waitress and waiter. Now is this a good moral and future of our country, instead of making good studies, the kids think they are making good money with RM3 per hour!

Also a hot tip for everyone, do you know that few Island Red Cafe are closed and they put renovation to cover it up? Nonsence! I pass by one everyday and no lorry with cement or sound inside the cafe…it has already closed down and they are just embarrassed to let everyone know because their food is lousy and they are playing a big money game.

Island Red Cafe Scam 2

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

If you dig enough in Google, and key in the word Island Red Cafe scam, you will hundreds of posting by disgruntled customers, investors about their system. One child even complained that their father only take them eat outside at Island red cafe and they are sick of it and called their father stingy! But what to do, the father probably an investors have too much coupons on island red cafe and do not know what to do with it.

Another businessman also complained that friends treat him food simply because they got lots of free coupons from Island red cafe. It is not wrong to treat friends eating there but week after week eating at the same place, meeting also at island red cafe, everything also island red cafe, and people get scared accepting members invitation. After all, I believe they made nothing out of their investment in island red cafe that’s why they are force to spend their coupons. If the investment is so successful, doesn’t logic that island red cafe investors can afford to treat their friends other better taste food? This is proof that Island Red Cafe is a scam.

Island Red Cafe is founded by promising investors good returns. What happens when they are no more investors or when the food business fails? We all know in Malaysia, food business comes very fast and go very fast as the Malaysians are always looking for fresh and new food to taste.

So be careful of investing in island red cafe as many people already say it is scam.

Island Red Cafe Scam !

Sunday, August 30, 2009

     Lots have been said about Island Red Cafe scam and my opinion as an investor, it is true. When I first joined, they promise lots of things like free food voucher every month, updated menus and easy to do business. I agreed and invested almost RM 6000 in the business but then I realized the quality of food is bad and worst of all they don't give concern because the management says people will still come because they are member and not the food! Can you believe that?

      So it is true that Island red cafe is a scam as it is a money game. When they are no longer members joining, and the food is lousy, how is the business going to sustain and pay the investors. I also understand that the management constantly changes and lots of people and top investors have quit the business because it is going downhill.

    Yes Island red cafe seems to be opening more and more because like I said earlier, it is a money game, as long as there are investors putting in their money, the scam can go on. They need about RM 300,000 to start a business and a group of investors will pool their money. To me the restaurant deco and settings are not more than 100k! What about the RM 200,000? Put into other investments that we do not know off?

     As a former investor, please be careful of red island cafe scam, better invest your money in a real business rather than a money scheme. I have nothing against direct selling but this is really absurd. Ask yourself, if today I give you RM100 to spend on food, will you choose Island red cafe or you will choose other restaurants that have better quality food?